Version Changes


Features & changes

  • Bluetooth Low Energy support for PinecilV2
  • Large cleanup of translation files; and refactor of how we handle fonts for translations
  • Fixes for I2C corruption on PinecilV2
  • Option for using adjustable profiles on USB-PD or not
  • Cleanups and improvements to the generated documents website

PinecilV2 notes

For Pinecil V2 users blisp is currently my recommended CLI tool for updating the device. It is built for all main OS's automatically. This does not apply to V1 devices. If your iron came with a blue grip, its a V1 and update the same as always. If your device came with a green silicone grip its a V2 device.

Alternatively you can use Spagett1's PineFlash tool that should provide a GUI interface for PinecilV1 & PinecilV2.

For a small number of V2 Pinecil devices there appears to be an interference issue between the Bluetooth Low Energy and some devices; more information here. If this occurs to you, please let us know in the issue and rollback to 2.20 for now.


  • First "full" release for PinecilV2
  • Loots of documentation updates
  • Documentation is now nicely readable as a site
  • A fair collection of bugfixes for PinecilV2
  • Cold Junction Calibration was reworked and now occurs at next boot to make it easier to perform when the device is cold


  • Bug-fix Infinite Boot Logo
  • Shutdown settings for MHP30
  • Accelerometer sensitivity for MHP30
  • Allow showing unique device ID
  • Bug-fix chance of a power pulse at device boot
  • Updated translations
  • Improved documents, added features table


  • Support for animated bootup logo's
  • Bootup logo's moved to their own IronOS-Meta repo
  • New Vietnamese translation (limited due to screen size)
  • Fixes for SC7A20 in TS80(P)
  • Updated translations
  • Better Instructions/documents


Features & changes

  • Indicate status of VBus for modding Pinecil (debug menu)
  • Better hall effect sensor sensitivity adjustment (larger range with more steps)
  • Temperature increment will "round" to nearest multiple of increase amount
  • Build setup migrated to Alpine (You can now build in docker easily, and on PinePhone/PinePhonePro)
  • -> Removed proprietary compiler for Pinecil RISCV now all uses normal gcc
  • -> Removed using the arm specific build of gcc for the one that alpine ships (Miniware devices)
  • Logo generator python script creates .dfu files for ease of use with Pinecil
  • Upgrades to translations
  • Support for new GD32103 based TS100 units turning up on the market
  • Raw hall effect reading now shows in the Pinecil debug menu
  • Fixed automatic orientation for newer TS80P's with the SC7 accelerometer
  • User interface slight changes
  • New file to allow the Pine Updater to automatically fetch information on releases


  • VBus mod detection may not play well with all PPS chargers. If your iron reboots when you view this in the debug menu its not a fault. (#1226)
  • is only designed for use by automatic software, ignore it for normal use
  • More details on Pinecil VBus mod coming via other channels.
  • Hall effect sensor is not fitted to Pinecil's by default, you have to fit this yourself if you want the feature
  • Tweaks to the Accelerometer code means the drivers are slightly more fussy. If you run into any issues let us know in the discussion or issues.
  • -> Release has been updated to build e065be3 after one bug with the BMA223 was found.


  • Overhaul of the Timer+ADC setup with help from @sandmanRO
  • Overhaul of the PID with help from @sandmanRO
  • Settings should now upgrade in place to future versions, with resets only happening to new/changed settings
  • Shows error if tip runaway (failed temperature sensor) is detected
  • USB-PD now has a timeout, to allow forcing QC3 negotiation to start faster
  • QC3 Voltages are now adjustable to user desired setpoint
  • Added a small tolerance to allow "overvoltage" on QC3 above unit specifications.
    • Please note: Doing this is entirely at your own risk!
  • New Advanced view that is much nicer to use and a very good daily driver option from @Mel-kior
  • OLED brightness and contrast thanks to @alvinhochun
  • Scrollbar is fixed so it doesnt jump around when menus are shown/hidden
  • Moved to .dfu files from .bin to make flashing commands easier
  • Every language had translation updates I believe
  • Romanian language added


Features & changes

  • MHP30 support
  • Multi-lingual firmware combinations now exist for Pinecil
  • More fine grained voltage controlled options
  • USB-PD improvements (version one and two)
  • More configuration options for power pulse
  • All font / character encoding has been very reworked
  • More translation updates than one can count
  • More languages 😱

MHP30 support

The MHP30 is a small reflow station from Miniware. Thanks to a massive amount of help from @g3gg0 this firmware brings the beginnings of support for this unit. Also kudo's to @Vinigas and @GoJian for helping with testing. This is not a final version I'm sure, but this is a working, usable version of firmware support. Programs the same as any one Miniware unit using drag and drop. Note: The boot logo scripts will need updates for this unit, so not supported yet.

The flood doors are now open for feature requests for this unit :)


  • Fixing auto rotation bug in the LIS accelerometer in the TS80/TS80P
  • Adds support for two new accelerometers -- SC7A20 (Future Pinecil batch) #786 -- MSA301 (Newer TS80P) #761
  • Add warnings if accelerometer or USB-PD IC's are not detected #752 -- Only shows for first few boots, to help catch unsupported models
  • Fixed cooling down blink to be sane speed #769
  • Cleanup of threads and slightly faster power negotiation #790

  • Updates to flashing scripts #775

  • Documentation updates all over the place (and the wiki was given a cleanup)|
  • Updates to makefile #792 #787
  • Cleanup the folder name of the source code #800
  • clang-format spec setup #801


  • First official Pinecil release
  • All of the wire for Pinecil releases added
  • Updated Translations
  • Delay accelerometer to help with entering sleep on startup
  • Dual speed PWM to help with power limit control
  • Improve heat up time
  • Adds locking mode
  • Improved docs all over the place
  • Repo rename occured TS100 -> IronOS
  • Hall effect sensor support added (not fitted in Pinecil but optional)
  • QC 20V support for Pinecil
  • CI upgrades for faster builds
  • Fixed bug with accelerometer model on Pinecil
  • Rework of all of the temperature curves for better accuracy


  • Only released as pre-release
  • [TS80P] Improvements to the PD negotiation to handle a few more adapters cleanly
  • Pause on the last item in a list
  • Clean up the menu (removed both enables and settings, so that you can turn things off easier)
  • Removing the very old single line menu style.


  • First TS80P support
  • Added in a USB-PD driver stack for the FUSB302
  • Fixed some graphical glitches


  • GUI polish (animations and scroll bars)
  • Power pulse to keep power supplies alive
  • Adjustable tip response gain


  • Adjustable steps in temperature adjustment
  • Git hash now in build string
  • Adjustable language to set if US units are available or not
  • Some minor QC3 improvements


  • Fixes auto start in sleep mode
  • Power limiters


  • QC fixes
  • Cosmetic fixes for leading 0's


  • Warning on settings reset
  • Temp temp re-write
  • Display calibration offset
  • Hide some leading 0's
  • Menu timeouts


  • Language updates


  • GUI updates


  • Support for new accelerometers


  • Adds small font


  • Newer settings menu


  • Complete re-write of the low layer system to use the STM32 HAL for easier development
  • This allowed easier setup for the new ADC auto measuring system
  • Better tip PWM control
  • Moved to FreeRTOS for scheduling
  • Complete re-write from blank
  • Added detailed screen views
  • Added smaller font for said screen views


  • Added blinking cooldown display
  • Allowed smaller sleep timeout values
  • New font!
  • Automatic startup option


  • Added automatic rotation support
  • Added power display graph


  • Added support for a custom bootup logo to be programmed via the DFU bootloader


  • Changed input voltage cutoff to be based on cell count rather than voltage


  • Swapped buttons for menu to prevent accidentally changing first menu item
  • Added auto key repeat


  • Increases sensitivity options to be 1*9 with 0 off state
  • Fixes issue where going from COOL *> soldering can leave screen off


  • Boost mode
  • Change sensitivity options to be 1*8


  • Adds help text to settings
  • Improves settings for the display update rate


  • Adds display modes, for slowing down or simplifying the display


  • Fix settings menu not showing flip display


  • Adds shutdown time to automatically shutdown the iron after inactivity


  • Changes H and C when the iron is heating to the minidso chevron like images


  • Adds ability to calibrate the input voltage measurement


  • Increased accuracy of the temperature control
  • Improved PID response slightly
  • Allows temperature offset calibration
  • Nicer idle screen


  • Improved Button handling
  • Ability to set motion sensitivity
  • DC voltmeter page shows input voltage


  • Adds hold both buttons on IDLE to access the therometer mode
  • Changes the exit soldering mode to be holding both buttons (Like original firmware)