Hardware Issues

While we would love everything to work perfectly, sometimes that just doesn't happen. Please do not email maintainers directly, these will generally be ignored. Keep issue discussions to GitHub issues or the discussions page so that the whole community can help and work together.

No Accelerometer detected

If your iron was previously working, this could be a bug (and we are very sorry). Please check the currently open and recently closed issues to check if anyone else has run into this. You can try going back to a release on the firmware to test if this is a new issue before opening an issue.

If this is a new iron, also feel free to open an issue if you don't see any; a vendor could have changed the model of the accelerometer on us without warning again. In which case, support should come shortly.

If your iron is new, there is a slim chance your accelerometer may be DOA and need replacement.

Note this warning will only be shown the first few times until settings are reset

No USB-PD IC detected

Generally, this means either something went very awry in the firmware, or the chip is not answering as would normally be expected. Try rolling back to an earlier release to confirm if the issue still persists then the device may need repair. If you have some form of seller protection/support, you most likely want to reach out to this to be safe. If you don't, you can always attempt to replace the IC yourself. As of writing both the TS80P and Pinecil use the FUSB302.

Note this warning will only be shown the first few times until settings are reset

No tip detected

If your tip is not being detected, the most likely cause is that the heater element inside the tip has been damaged from over-temperature, being dropped or bad luck. As the heater coil is part of the temperature measurement circuit neither will work if it's damaged.

The best way to see if this is the case is to measure the resistance across the contacts to the tip using a multimeter. you are expecting to see measurements in the range of 4-10 ohms. Anything higher than 10 ohms is generally an issue.

Iron will not heat up and displays a high temperature

Check the Rtip and CHan numbers (see debug menu). Extremly high CHan is suspect to a problem with the cold junction compensation temperature sensor.

For Pinecil V1, inspect near U10 which is the TMP36 sensor (see issue here). You may be able to reflow/resolder the TMP36 chip at U10 to correct a weak solder joint.

If it worked on older firmware, but not on 2.16+, weak solder joints are suspect. The newer firmware runs the ADC a bit faster to keep tighter control of the tip temperature. Normally this wont cause an issue as the output from the TMP36 is powerful enough to keep up without any issue. But if you have a weak or cold solder joint this could cause issues.

If the CHan is extremely high, and reflowing the temperature sensor does not resolve the issue; inspect the pins in the main MCU, possibly try giving them a light squeeze to the board while watching CHan.

If you have a different device, follow the same logic and locate the temperature sensor on your device.